Thursday, August 20, 2009

Steve- A Lobster Tale

Steve was able to go up to Cook Town, to go out on the Cray boat, with Chris. He spend 2 weeks, being a lobster fisherman. It was windy most of the time, with a few days of quiet here and there. Steve, had a turn at diving for the live crays, on the hooker line, that gives continual air to breathe. It is a very fast paced day. The divers go to one spot on a particular reef. If not many crays are there, they speed over in the little boats, to another spot. So on and so forth all day long. Not for the faint hearted or the nearly 50 year olds. Steve was able to bring home a few crays, and numerous reef fish he caught on his trip. We shared the lobsters with mum and Kevan. Yum Yum

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Keys to a New Adventure

Weve been to Tassie and got the keys to our house. We arrived in the Huon Valley on the coldest day of the year.....we we're put to the test. Our stuff arrived in the big blue container, and Steve's van came to us on a truck. We spent 2 weeks unpacking, and doing some tree lopping, to improve the view. We gutted the main bedroom, in one day, and I loaded the van with a load of rubbish. The main bedroom will be first on the list to renovate, when we get back down there. We also played tourist and went to the snow capped Hartz Mountains , and on the thrilling Huon River Jet boat, up the Huon River. We enjoyed a taste of living in the area, and although it was chilly, we spent romantic nights around our fireplace, sipping on red wine, and waking up to a glorious view!

Its five weeks to go until we start our new sea change adventure!!! Life is in slow motion but also the weeks are flying by!! How can that be? We have been living at my mums house. She and Kevan are gracious and giving to put up with us and our baggage,literally covering the lounge room floor. Also not to mention the big bear, German shepherd Sasha. She is trying to learn to be a suburban dog and be well behaved and civilized. She has had her needles to go to her holiday resort Kennel, while we are driving down, and also has to have a worming treatment for Hiddatid within ten days of flying to Tasmania. I feel very displaced at the moment, like a gypsy without a home. With some stuff in Queensland and some stuff in Tasmania, and the overflow on the yacht. I am looking forward to major nesting when we get down to our new home.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Next big step

Tomorrow we fly down to Hobart and get to pick-up the keys to our next new adventure.Its a big step and we are getting all excited about it all now that things are actually happening.Yesterday we took OASIS II out on her maiden voyage after a big refit and paintjob that has been very expensive but Steve thinks its worth it! We will give her a lot of use in and around the wonderful sailing grounds of south eastern Tasmania and a long trip south in October via Sydney and a few days in Cowan Creek.We were lucky to have cousin Meredith and her daughter Amelia along for the sunset cruise as well as Kevan and Mum in perfect winter weather.The new engine pushes us along at an effortless idle and we really enjoyed the company of all.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Stuff Is Moving

Objects are just that,objects, until they are loved and cherished. Our loved and cherished objects are on their way to Tassie. The removal truck came and packed our furniture, and treasured possessions, and Steve's car, this week. We will see them in a few weeks, in their new home. The packing went relatively smoothly, although painstakingly slow, as each item was logged, and itemised.It will be like Christmas time, when we unwrap and rehome our precious things(NB Kitchen stuff will only be in pink kitchen for a nano second), after months of storage, and being without them. I have missed the photos on the wall, most of all. Digital pics on computers are all well and good, but nothing replaces seeing the face of your loved ones in gilded frames, or $2 ones from Crazy Clarks. I laughed when the removal team, lovingly wrapped the old scratched canoe, in blankets. We plan to use it and abuse it alot on the Huon River.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Clothes and Shoes

How many winter clothes are too many? I am into layering mode. I know that it will be cold in Tassie, but the restaurants, cafes, workplaces will be warm....right? So I am concentrating on and buying clothes that I will need to feel comfortable. But can you have too many layers?Now Steve will not agree with this. He will say just wait till we get there and then buy clothes. Just like a man! Half the fun of a new adventure is the time before it, to feel excited about it, and putting thought into the organization of it. I am good at that. Also shoes. Steve thinks I have way too many, but I think I am rather refrained in that department, compared to alot of women I know. Steve always says, you only have two feet why do you need so many shoes? Just like a man. The fact is that men only need a few pairs of shoes because they can wear them to various places, and know that they will be able to be comfortable walking in them, if they have to. Women on the other hand, might want to wear a high heel boot out to dinner, but will be unable to walk any great distance in them if they need to. So then it makes sense to have another pair of boots with a lower heel, that are comfortable to walk in. Isnt that right girls? So Steve that is why I had to buy the comfortable pair of HushPuppie boots at the Myer stocktake sale, today. You'll thank me when I can walk the streets of Hobart, after dinner, back to the boat, that we would have sailed up for the weekend, for miles, without complaining. :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Moving Logistics

Moving to Tasmania is like going to another country. They are quite strict with what you can and can't bring into their island. Our house settles in July. We have decided that instead of continuing to pay for storage for our stuff, while we house sit until August, we might as well send it down in July. We will go down for a few weeks then to meet the removal truck. We found that we were given quotes for moving anywhere from $2000 to $6000. We have decided to go with Wridgeways, as they were the most competitive. They are also going to transport Steve's van down as well. The removal truck takes aprox 14 days to get down to Tasmania. So we have booked it for mid June so it will be down the first week in July. We spent last weekend scrubbing our garden pots, implements etc. as they have to be clean of any dirt, soil etc. I have found out that there is alot of rigmorol involved taking pot plants to Tasmania, so have decided not to take any. It will hurt to leave my bonsai fig behind, it is very sentimental. Sasha bumble bee, our dog, is flying down in September, when we will be going down. Dogs have to have to be treated for tape worm, to be able to enter Tasmania. I am sending her down with a dog carrier company called DogTainers. They have been very efficient, and helpful. Steve will have to fly back later in the year to bring "the mistress" down. She is bound to pick up lots of barnacles on her hull as she comes down, I wonder what the quarantine regulations are regarding that? She has been across the Bass Strait, numerous times with a previous owner. So am sure if her nose is pointed in that direction she will find her way. I must make sure I up her and Steves insurance before the crossing....hee hee:)

Queensland Rain.

Ihear there are more sunny days in Tassie than Queensland, just a bit cooler. We have had a very wet Autumn in Queensland. I think next year's autumn will be very colorful, as we spend it in our new home. Steve has been trying to get "The Mistress" painted. It is very costly,having a boat up on the hard stand and waiting for the rain to stop. She will be very swish in her new colors and with a new engine and propeller. Hopefully next week she will be launched with her new makeover. Lucky girl.